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Visiting the Christian Catacombs of Rome

Five Christian catacombs in Rome are regularly open to the public: the catacombs of Priscilla, St. Agnes, St. Callixtus, St. Sebastian, and Domitilla. The catacombs are open all year, except on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and at Easter. Each catacomb closes one day a week, and for one month during the winter.

The catacomb of Priscilla is closed on Mondays The catacomb of St. Agnes is closed on Sunday mornings and on Monday afternoons The catacomb of St. Callixtus is closed on Wednesdays The catacomb of St. Sebastian is closed on Sundays The catacomb of Domitilla is closed on Tuesdays

The visiting hours are:
8:30 - 12:00, 14:30 - 17:00
9:00 - 12:00, 16:00 - 18:00
(for St. Agnes only)

The admission charge is Lit. 8.000, which included a guided tour in one of many languages.

The Catacomb of Sts. Peter & Marcellinus (via Casilina # 641 Rome) will re-open to the public at the beginning of October 2000. Visits to the catacomb, conducted in Italian, will be held from Monday through Friday. Those interested are advised to reserve a place on a visit in advance. Reservations will be accepted starting in late September. For tours in other languages, please contact the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology.

It is also possible to visit many of the other catacombs not ordinarily open to the public with a request sent well in advance to the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology (Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra), which oversees maintenance, research, and restoration of the Christian catacombs in and around Rome. Some of the most celebrated and best preserved catacomb complexes, such as those on the via Latina and via Anapo and that of Commodilla can only be visited by special appointment. The fee for a custodian is £150.000; a Pontifical Commission guide costs an additional £150.000. The central office of the Commission in Rome contains also an extensive archive of photographs and plans of the catacombs; additional collections of older images and records are housed at the convent of the Benedictine Sisters of the Catacomb of Priscilla on the via Salaria.

Catacomb of S. Pancrazio ed Ottavilla
Piazza di San Pancrazio, 5d 00152 Rome
Visiting hours are the same as the opening hours of the parish office staffed by the Carmelite Fathers (weekday mornings and late afternoons).

Catacomb of Ciriaca (Saint Lorenzo)
Piazza di San Lorenzo (via Tiburtina). Hours 7:30-12:00; 16:30-18:00.
The sacristan for the church arranges visits to the catacombs for small groups: donation requested.

Catacomb of Generosa
Viale delle Catacombe di Generosa (Magliana)
For assistance in arranging a visit contact Sig. Venditti at 06/6532398 and/or the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology, via Napoleone III, 1 I-00185 Rome.

Occasional public tours of this catacomb are organized by the Sorpintendenza Archelologica del Comune di Roma and listed in the seasonal programs issued by the Comune. A new German guide has also recently been published by the Committee for Generosa.

Catacomb Contact Information

Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology
via Napoleone III, no. 1
00185 Rome, Italy
tel. +39/06/4465610
fax. +39/06/4467625
web site:

Benedictine Sisters of Priscilla
Catacombs of Priscilla
via Salaria, 430
00199 Rome, Italy
tel/fax: +39/06/86206272
web site:

Catacomb of St. Agnes
Via Nomentana, 349
00162 Rome, Italy
tel. +39/06/8610840

Catacomb of St. Callixtus
Via Appia Antica, 126
00179 Rome, Italy
tel. +39/06/51301580
fax +39/06/51301567
web site:

Catacomb of St. Sebastian
via Appia Antica, 136
00179 Rome, Italy
tel. +39/06/7887035
fax +39/06/7843745

Catacomb of Domitilla
via delle Sette Chiese, 282/0
00147 Rome, Italy
tel. +39/06/5110342, 06/5133956
fax +39/06/51354 61
web site:

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